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Don’t mind me: I’m nobody special.  This blog is about the idea of anarchy: I hope you’ll take a look at what I and others have to say here, and add your own thoughts when you feel like it.

I also hope you’ll feel free to ask me about topics that concern you: I’ve spent decades reading and thinking about how the world can (and often already does) function without government, and am sometimes pretty good at boiling it down to essentials that are easy to understand.  In any event, I love making the attempt.  Send your requests for topics to:

less at anarchywithoutbombs dot com



Written by Less

October 10, 2008 at 12:57 pm

4 Responses

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  1. I really am enjoying your site. I arrived here from Lew Rockwell. You article about the Libertarian brand was interesting.

    I was interested to know how you felt about taxes as an anarchist. A libertarian (called themselves a “mainstream” libertarian) left a comment on my site and accused my brand of libertarianism of being childish because I see involuntary taxes as theft. They did not leave a valid email so I did not have a chance to discuss the matter further. But, it got me to thinking that maybe my philosophy on taxes was lacking something.

    I have always felt that taxes were only theft if you did not consent to them being collected. By living somewhere you are essentially consenting. That is why I don’t mind local or even state taxes too much. As long as both follow the local charter or state constitution (a contract that I consent to by living here) then I feel that I have consented to being taxed. I would still like that money to be used wisely but I will gladly had it over. If they violate the contract I can either leave or try to hold them accountable, which I see as possible only on the local or state level. While I do not think government is necessary, I do think it is inevitable so I go along with the idea of having a monopoly over the laws as long as it is limited by a constitution or charter.
    Since I believe that the federal government has long ago abandoned the confines of the constitution I feel that they have voided our contract and I no longer give my consent to be taxed, making continued collection from me theft.

    I would be interested to hear what you think on this matter either in a post or a email.

    Keep up the good work.

    The Frugal Libertarian

    November 13, 2008 at 6:51 am

  2. Very interesting article. Intellectual property is also an issue that I have been trying to “solve”.

    If there were no copyright protection, a first publisher may pay an author an upfront lump sum for his manuscript. The first publisher would then charge whatever he likes for his “branded” edition. Whereupon a second publisher may reprint the book in a “generic” edition and sell it at a lower price. This possibility may prompt the first publisher to sell the branded edition at a lower price in the first place, thereby discouraging the copycat publisher from copying.

    This system would have the effect of reducing authors’ earnings. But if an author works for a year on a book, why should not he or she be paid for that time, rather than being paid for many decades?

    By the same token, why should singers be paid for decades simply because they draw a 10,000 audience at a Las Vegas concert? By all means share with them a percentage of the takings generated from that concert. But I see no reason why they should continue to receive income even though they do no more work.

    The only reason that anchors, artists, actors, actresses, comics, sportpeople and the like can command such huge earnings is because of the microphones, cameras, computers and other magical widgets that were invented by others. With intellectual property law, they can command huge earnings. Without it, they can command one-time-fees the same as labor that casually suggests a million dollar idea in the middle of a routine meeting but receives no extra payment for having done so.

    What about the worthy IP-types who cannot find a publisher willing to pay them an upfront lump sum? The answer here is what I call hereditorship. This means that citizen-shareholders of a nation share in government revenues from whatever source. Instead of politicians spending Our Money, in corruptible amounts, for the benefit of Some Not Others, a large chunk of it is divvied out to All, and we spend it into the economy in less corruptible amounts.

    This system is called happiocracy, ‘happi’ signalling that the greatest good is not to maximize the government-induced happiness, but to minimize the governemnt-induced unhappiness, of the greatest number. The dividends in which we would all share are called happicash as in ‘cash, not kind’ and happimoney as in ‘the money supply’. Happicash would allow passionados to write their books, paint their pictures and so on, without having to worry about survival.

    If you are interested in reading more, you can visit a “book” of blogs that I am now in the middle of constructing (I’ve been in the middle for several years! If only happiocracy had been in existence!). Here are some dotcom URLs that will forward you to the relevant blogs:

  3. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your comments recently on C4SS (“The Capital Conundrum”). I have a lot of sympathies for people who associate with the libertarian-left (particularly Roderick Long). But their predisposition to cling with every ounce of fervor to labor theory (especially after all the work that so utterly dismantled it) is just absolutely enraging at times. How ANCAPS and people like them get labeled fascists and authoritarians by people on that side of the fence who say things like “I say, if a community takes something from someone, they probably had a good reason. If you don’t think it was fair, don’t have anything to do with them.” is completely beyond me. If anything, I think people closer to our point(s) of view are playing softball with them a little too much – they’ve controlled the anarchist conversation for too long.


    August 11, 2010 at 6:30 am

  4. […] Property Theft? was originally written by Less Antman and published on his blog, Anarchy Without Bombs, March 7th, 2010. The following is an updated […]

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