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Memorial Day should be for ALL who have died as a result of War

A constantly updated web counter of the number of CONFIRMED Iraqi civilians killed since the invasion by volunteer, paid employees of the United States government began. The actual number is believed to be much, much higher. Sad to say, an Afghani civilian death counter is now needed, as well as one for unarmed Pakistanis killed by drones. Both numbers far exceed the total number of American civilians killed by terrorists, whom we appropriately have not forgotten.

I have no problem with a Memorial Day that remembers those killed by war. Indeed, in a free future, I would hope such an annual remembrance became an important part of avoiding a return to statism. It is disgraceful, though, when those who were unarmed and not trying to kill others at the time they were killed are treated as less worthy of remembrance on Memorial Day. They will be in my thoughts tomorrow, whether they were American or not.


Written by Less

May 24, 2009 at 4:05 pm

Posted in Collective defense

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